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crystallographic investigations of the Boranja orefield showed very complex mineral associations and assemblages where sulfosalts have significant role. Thesulfosalts of the Boranja orefield can be divided in four main groups:

sub-stages of various polymetallic deposits and ore zones within the Boranja orefield arefollowed by a variety of sulfosalts.Key words: Sulfosalts, Boranja orefield, West Serbia.Апстракт. Досадашња минералошка, хемијска, геохемијска

review of Pb-Sb(As)-S, Cu(Ag)-Fe(Zn)-Sb(As)-S, Ag(Pb)-Bi(Sb)-Sand Pb-Bi-S(Te) sulfosalt systems from the Boranja orefield,West SerbiaSLOBODAN A. RADOSAVLJEVIĆ1, JOVICA N. STOJANOVIĆ2, ALEKSANDAR M. PAČEVSKI3,ANA S. RADOSAVL